Saturday, November 2, 2013

Interesting Changes for Star Trek Online... MAC Version and Michael Dorn to Voice Worf!

There have been exciting announcements for Star Trek Online this week. On Friday the official site announced that veteran Star Trek: The Next Generation actor, Michael Dorn, would be reprising his role as the voice of Worf for the game. To go with that they have an interesting Dev Blog examining some of the details about recreating his character for the game. As you can see there are a few screenshots of Worf in different outfits and time periods. The game is set in 2409 so most of the game interaction will most likely be with his elder self, but the screenshots hint that maybe some holodeck or time travel might let us see other versions of the character.

Along with that a single Perfect World Forum post entitled  #1 STO Official Beta Mac Version! Coming 11/12/13! Letting everyone know that an OFFICIAL Mac Client Beta is launching the same day as the new Season 8 content including the Worf storyline and the new Voth Story Content. There have been multiple unofficial mac clients and workarounds for STO since 2010, with varying amounts of success and playability, but often required a much faster system to run than comparable Windows PCs. I have not been an active player in a while but Ive been excited for the Voth content, now the Worf Storyline, and Ill be able to rope in my girlfriend to play with me now that there is a Mac client, not to mention the new platform will increase the player base a significant amount. Qapla'!

Also an update on Part 3 of The Voyage Continues - Star Trek Fan Films and Series: Im currently doing research for the next article, it should go up on Monday around 6PM PST... THANKS FOR READING!
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