Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rom, The Fool, The Hero, The Grand Nagus.

Over at Wired, they're celebrating Max Grodenchik's 61st birthday with a tribute to the best character in Star Trek history, ROM! I've always loved the snaggle toothed little git. I remember my true love for him began after watching the now legendary episode of Deep Space 9, "Bar Association," from the 4th season. In this episode Rom, fed up with his brother Quark's continuing methods of dehumanizing the Quark's bar staff finally puts his foot down and does the unspeakable, (at least on Ferenginar) starts a Union! A great little ethical take about the rights of the worker , Rom ends up becoming the almost- tragic folk hero he always seemed, and paved the way for his character to make remarkable growth throughout the show. The episode does end subverting the idea of the union, but not before winning a major deal for Rom, Leeta, the Dabo Girls and the rest of the Quark's staff. The episode also has great little moments with Word, O'Brien, and the always welcome guest appearance by Jeffrey Combs as The Ferengi Commerce Authority Injector Brunt.
[Bar Association]

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