Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hello fellow trekkies! Holly "Red Shirt" here making my debut. Since Byron and I are still organizing our viewing schedule (being on opposite coasts is a *small* obstacle to overcome) I figured I would follow suit and get these posts started with some general Star Trek material.

Of course, we got to start with the captains. Over at io9 there was this hilarious piece about 7 types of bosses according to Star Trek. Personally, I love Picard and Sisko. I think a lot of it has to do with their training as Shakespearean actors that makes them so powerful, so believable, and so, dare I say, loveable? And when they fly off the handle, you know it's serious and that you probably DID fuck up (or maybe it's simply Sarek losing control over his emotions). They just make me feel warm inside knowing that they are in control. You would have fun while working, too. Taking trips to 1940's San Francisco with Picard or playing a baseball game against the Vulcans with Sisko, c'mon! Kirk's cool and all, probably fun to drink with, but he's also kind of a dick and would totally feel you up given the opportunity.
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