Friday, October 10, 2008

For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky!

Hello fellow Trekkies, I welcome you to the hub, the collective, if you will, where Everything Star Trek is sacred and profane. Here, give me your Tribble, your Khan, your tired Klingons, yearning to be free. No deck count too canon, no cultural examination of the Masterpiece Society too vague! Here, Trek is like a fine klingon blood wine, to be swirled and sipped, the flavors touching the various sectors of the tongue. Along with my partner, Holly "Red Shirt" Thompson, and Myself, Byron "Tiberius" Diffenderffer, we are going where no blog has gone before! To re-watch, in chronological order, every episode and movie in the Star Trek Universe! What this means is we will be watching the first season of Deep Space Nine concurrently with the 7th Season of The Next Generation, and so forth. I hope you will join us in our hyper-critical and humourous examination of the greatest science fiction television show of all time. We have yet to decide our schedule, but I would like it to me Mon-Wed-Fri, or maybe every other day, but it may have to be bi-weekly or weekly, based on our busy schedules. Keep a lock on those Logs crew! We're going to hit this one out of the Denorios Belt!
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