Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eat more cake

In addition to this blog I also like to eat and drink as may a few others of you out there. I also enjoy preparing said food & drink. So I'm going to share with you Star Trek related edibles and drinkables that I find adorable or commendable. Enjoy!

So I posted already about the Charm City Cakes Star Trek cake. It was awesome (despite glaring factual errors like Scotty in the Nav. chair) and probably really expensive and who knows how much of it is *truly* edible (besides just being weird sugar putty). Plus, not everyone can make that cake (be it time, money, skill). But I found this quite adorable, well-crafted TNG cake.

This one here was created by someone somewhere. I found it accidentally while going through digg articles about cakes and couldn't find the original source! But I love it. I think it's classy and well done but not ridiculous and impossible to recreate. It looks like it's a Groom's Cake for possibly a totally awesome Star Trek wedding. Plus, I would totally eat a slice of JLP chest. For real.

Does that sound as creepy as I fear?
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